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The Stroke Center

Patients with suspected stroke symptoms need to be evaluated immediately. The signs of stroke can be sudden and the effects can be lasting. Nebraska Medicine Stroke Center is accredited and recognized in the state for quality stroke care and continuing education. At the medical center doctors, nurses and medical technicians are dedicated to continuing stroke education in their specialties. As a result, patients may have fewer complications while at the hospital and be able to leave the hospital sooner.

Awards and Accreditations

Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission
the first nationally certified stroke center in the state of Nebraska
The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association Get With The Guidelines® Stroke Performance Achievement - Gold Plus award

Make an Appointment

Anyone showing any sign of stroke should be taken to Nebraska Medicine Emergency Department immediately. To make an appointment with a stroke specialist, please call 800-922-0000. For clinic hours and locations please visit the Find a Physician link.

UNMC Physicians

  • Pierre Fayad, MD
  • Harris A. Frankel, MD
  • Daniel L. Surdell, MD
  • William E. Thorell, MD

Private Practice Physicians

  • John F. Aita

Goldner, Cooper, Cotton, Sundell, Franco and Diesing

  • Ronald A. Cooper, MD
  • Joel T. Cotton, MD
  • T. Scott Diesing, MD
  • David A. Franco, MD
  • John Goldner, MD
  • Robert Sundell, MD

Neurology Consultants of Nebraska

  • Scott H. Goodman
  • Pamela M. Santamaria

Make an Appointment

Call: 800.922.0000