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Pain Management Program

After months or years of chronic pain, the body generates a map to pain that is difficult to break. The nervous system changes and what may have been a problem that could have been treated very easily, now becomes much more complicated. When medications, injections, physical therapy and chiropractic services have failed in managing pain, the Pain Management Program at The Nebraska Medical Center offers innovative treatment.

Admission to Pain Management Program

To participate in the Pain Management Program, a patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Pain is of a chronic, stable, non-malignant nature
  • Other medical and psychiatric treatments are not considered more appropriate
  • Desired participation in the pain management program
  • Agreement to involve a family member or significant other for a one-time meeting
  • Financial arrangements have been completed

Three Week Pain Management Program

The three week program includes many of the same components as the four week program, but has been shortened to accommodate patients who do not need extended support for medication tapering and lifestyle change. The three week program includes educational lectures, exercise groups and individual clinic treatment. This course is ideal for patients who have been using pain management strategies and exercise in their daily routine and have a moderate level of physical fitness and do not need to eliminate the use of pain medications.

After completing a screening evaluation and consulting with the physician, the program staff will advise each participant about which program they feel bests meets the each patient’s needs.

Four Week Pain Management Program

The Pain Management Program is a four-week program which runs Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Due to the progressive nature of the skill development, attendance is required for all sessions for the most productive results.

The Pain Management Program is located on The Nebraska Medical Center’s midtown campus in the Special Services Pavilion (SSP) 4350 Emile Street, 5th Floor.

Parking is available in the green parking structure just west of the Durham Outpatient Center. Visitors may park in this structure or utilize the free hospital valet service. The valet service is in the main entrance of the Durham Outpatient Center.

While attending the program, lodging is provided at no charge to patients living outside the Omaha area. Patients living outside the Omaha area may make arrangements for lodging with the Pain Management Program. Most out of town patients stay at the Nebraska House on campus. Patients may stay at a different location of their choosing at their own expense.
Lunch is provided to participants of the program. Patients will receive a meal ticket for the University or Clarkson cafeterias. Patients are given a one-hour break to eat. The therapy program will resume at 1 p.m.
Patients are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing appropriate for exercising. Tennis shoes or other soft-soled shoes are recommended. Patients will also need a swimming suit.
Required Items
  • Swimming suit or something to wear in the exercise pool
  • Loose fitting clothes appropriate for exercising
  • Athletic shoes
  • Spending money for miscellaneous items
  • All medications in original bottles, including over the counter medications

Please remember to bring medications to the Pain Management Program and present them to the nursing staff. New prescriptions will not be filled immediately. The medication program takes time to initiate.

Optional Items
  • Digital watch or stop watch for keeping track of exercise times
  • Gym bag
  • Pool shoes or pool socks
  • Reading material
Financial Arrangements and Insurance Authorization
A coordinator with the Pain Management Program admissions will be available to assist the patient with insurance authorization and financial arrangement questions. It is ultimately the responsibility of the patient to understand their insurance coverage and verify any authorization and admittance requirements prior to beginning the treatment program.