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Robotic Surgery

The robotic surgical system combines robotics and computer-enhanced technology with the skill and expertise of our physicians to provide patients a minimally invasive alternative to surgery that is more accurate and precise than ever before.

Nebraska Medicine is one of the nation’s leaders in the use of robotic surgery and was one of the first sites in the country to acquire the technically advanced robotic da Vinci™ Surgical System in 2000. This sophisticated technology provides surgeons with intuitive control, range of motion and incredible precision and accuracy, while minimizing the impact on the body. Through 3-D visualization the surgeon is able to perform intricate tasks through small ports about the size of a dime as opposed to a large incision. For the patient, this means improved outcomes, fewer complications, less recovery time and less discomfort after surgery.

The surgery is performed using miniature instruments that are inserted through tiny incisions. The surgeon, seated at a control console near the patient, views high-definition, magnified, 3-D images from a tiny video camera. The robotic arms and tiny instruments are manipulated by the thumb and forefinger and the normal wrist movement of the surgeon. The mechanical “wrists” of the robot bend back and forth, side to side and rotate in a full circle, providing even greater range of motion than possible by a human. The system also eliminates the possibility of human tremors that can make intricate surgeries difficult.

Robotics is being used to treat patients in a wide variety of specialties including cardio-thoracic, urology, transplant, gynecology and general surgery.


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