Cassie and Braxton NICU Patient and Family

Cassie’s ultrasound at 20 weeks showed that she needed to be seen for by a high-risk pregnancy specialist. With the care of maternal-fetal specialist Dr. Paul Tomich, neonatologist Dr. Ann Anderson Berry, pediatric surgeons and NICU nurses, Braxton is now 13 months old and doing well.

Braxton and his parents, T.R. and Cassie, live in Alda, Nebraska.


Cassie says, "Braxton was born with a small hole in his abdomen and part of his gastrointestinal tract was outside of his body. He was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit for eight months. I stayed nearby in the Lied Center. Being a first-time mom and having something wrong, I was overwhelmed. But the doctors were amazing and the NICU nurses were awesome. They truly care about what they do. I love every single one of them. The NICU was very family-centered. They got us prepared so we could take care of him at home. Braxton wouldn’t be here with us if they didn’t do the things they had to do."