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Contact and Location

The Hyperbaric Medicine Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is staffed on an “on call” basis after regular business hours. The center is located on Nebraska Medicine campus on the 9th floor of Clarkson Tower.

Phone: (402) 552-2490
After hours: (402) 552-2000

Patients arriving for their first treatments, it is necessary to register at Access Service located on the first floor of Clarkson Tower. Information must be obtained by this department, regardless of previous hospitalization. For all subsequent visits patients may visit the Hyperbaric Medicine Center directly. Enter Clarkson Tower and take Elevator D to the 9th floor. Check-in is at least 15 minutes prior to appointment time with the receptionist.

Jeffery Cooper, MD

Doing the right thing and acting on behalf of a patient’s best interest seems easy enough. "A lot of the time that simple concept is forgotten," says Jeffrey Cooper, MD. As the new medical director of the Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Dr. Cooper is interested in interfacing with referring specialists and opening discussion regarding hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. "I want to ensure patients that are good candidates for HBO are being considered for it."

Dr. Cooper identifies patients suffering from diabetic foot, radiation injury, impaired skin graphs and flaps and carbon monoxide poisoning as candidates who may benefit from HBO. A UNMC (’87) medical school graduate and pediatric resident, Dr. Cooper is looking forward to growing the Hyperbaric Medicine Center program as well as teaching emergency medicine at UNMC.

After his residency, Dr. Cooper earned hyperbaric medicine specific training in the Navy where he attended the Naval Undersea Medical Institute (NUMI) and was a Diving and Submarine Medical Officer. Prior to moving his family back to Omaha for this new position, Dr. Cooper practiced emergency medicine at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, Wash.

Dr. Cooper is excited to be working at an academic medical center. When he considers long-term goals for the Hyperbaric Medicine Center, Dr. Cooper is interested in participating in research protocols and joining in multi-center hyperbaric medicine research studies.

Hyperbaric Medicine Staff

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