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Trilogy System

The Trilogy System uses many of the most advanced treatment methods available in external beam radiation and stereotactic therapy to treat many different cancer types. By using real-time diagnostic data, a sculpted radiation beam pinpoints the tumor and protects the surrounding healthy tissue while minimizing the patient’s time on the treatment room table.

Initially, a planning CT simulation is used to establish the exact contours of the tumor and surrounding healthy tissue. Then, a cone-beam CT scan may be performed on the patient using Trilogy. 3D CRT is a process which combines these two CT data sets to create a "virtual simulation" of the tumor. This tumor can be viewed in 3 dimensions—frontal, sagittal, and transversal—which allows the physician to conform the beam more closely to the shape of the tumor and avoid healthy tissue.

IMRT is used to modulate the radiation beam to different levels of intensity by a computer-controlled multi-leaf collimator. The "leaves" of this device periodically move in and out contouring the radiation beam to the shape of the tumor.

In a single rotation around the patient, Trilogy’s RapidArc technology delivers a sculpted beam of radiation to the tumor. This technology helps to protect the adjacent healthy tissue, by only exposing it to small doses of radiation, while the tumor receives a larger, potentially more effective dose.

Trilogy’s Dynamic Targeting IGRT gives the physician the ability to gate the radiation to a moving target. This can allow for accurate radiation treatment for tumors that move as patients breathe. In addition, the speed at which Trilogy administers radiation treatment is significantly faster than some other radiation therapy systems.

Because the system delivers each treatment so quickly, it minimizes the amount of time patients spend in the treatment room receiving radiation therapy.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a non-invasive treatment only used for small lesions that precisely delivers a single, high dose of radiation to the tumor site at different angles while avoiding healthy tissue. Despite its name, no incisions are made and it is not considered a surgical procedure. Stereotactic treatments can also be fractionated. This means the total dose of radiation is divided into several smaller doses and given over several days. Giving multiple smaller doses may help to reduce side effects.

Trilogy delivers larger, potentially more effective doses of radiation to a tumor while sparing healthy tissue to an extent inconceivable a few years ago.


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