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Access to Your Health Information

The Executive Physical Program partners with SimplyWell, an interactive web-based health management application that can be accessed 24/7 anywhere there is an internet connection. SimplyWell encourages participants to take control of their health by providing a comprehensive Personal Wellness Profile that details an individual's health risks and steps a participant can take to manage them. This private and completely confidential program allows participants to:

  • Access an online personal health and wellness profile
  • Access their personal electronic health record
  • Access over 2,200 online interactive educational modules
  • Access a 24-hour nurse call line
  • Share data with designated care physicians or clinicians
  • Receive healthy lifestyle coaching and disease management from registered nurses

MI-CD (Medical Information CD)

Each participant will receive a MI-CD after their physical. The MI-CD, which is the size of a credit card, will contain results of all of their medical information and test results conducted during the Executive Physical.


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