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Cancer Support Services

We are with you every step of the way. The news that you have cancer can be a lot to handle. At Nebraska Medicine, it is important for us to help with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer by offering support and help to patients and their families. Many support services are available to patients receiving cancer care at the medical center.

Social Work

The social work department gives emotional support through:

  • Counseling
  • Community resources, such as financial aid and transportation
  • Planning for medical equipment or home nursing care
  • Support and educational groups

Cancer Support Groups and Education

Call the Social Work Department at 402-559-4420 to attend a meeting.

  • Cancer Survivorship Group
  • Breast Cancer Education Series
  • Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancers (SPOHNC)
  • Brain Tumor Support Group
  • Opportunities for People Experiencing Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplants (BMSCT)
  • Community Colorectal Cancer Support Group
  • Look Good Feel Better

Medical-Legal Support

The Nebraska Medical-Legal Partnership for Oncology offers help for our cancer patients. Eligible patients can be given legal advice or representation for the many issues including:

  • Social Security denials
  • Unlawful or unsupported denials for needed medical care
  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Bankruptcy

Financial Counseling

Unexpected medical expenses can be hard to deal with. Help is available for patients who have trouble paying their bill or have other insurance or billing needs.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care provides patients and their families’ spiritual support and prayer. They can also put patients in touch with faith groups in the community.

Educational Services

Resource centers are located at the Village Pointe Cancer Center and on the 2nd floor of Lied Transplant Center. Print and electronic materials for all cancers are available. Some topics are offered in a classroom setting, including a basic care class for patients and families preparing for transplant.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) provides information about state-of-the-art cancer treatment in easy to understand language. The NCCN Guidelines for Patients® have been developed around the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines. The NCCN Guidelines® can help doctors and patients make informed decisions about cancer prevention, screenings and treatment. Patients are encouraged to use the guidelines to talk with their doctor about the treatment options that are available and the best possible care, however these guidelines are not intended to take the place of the treatment plan outlined by a physician.

Nebraska Medicine recommends visiting the Web sites of these respected organizations for more information on cancer, cancer treatment and support.

UNMC Library Service

Patients of Nebraska Medicine may utilize the University of Nebraska Medical Center McGoogan Library of Medicine’s Consumer Health Information Service (CHIRS) free of charge for:

  • Researching conditions and medical information
  • Understanding personal health issues

Psychiatry and Psychology Consultations
By physician referral

Consultations with a psychologist or psychiatrist are available upon request or recommendation. Talk to your doctor to see if this may be right for you.

Life Renewal Center

The Life Renewal Center, located at Village Pointe Cancer Center, helps cancer patients with the physical and emotional changes from therapy or surgery. Massage therapy, wig fitting, skin care, yoga and make-up lessons are just some of the available services.

Child Life Services

Being at the hospital, around new people and away from home can be stressful for children and their families. Child Life Specialists help families understand the health care setting with medical play, reduce stress with pet therapy and promote growth and expression with art.

Lymphedema Services
By physician referral

Our physical therapists are specially trained to perform the most effective treatments for lymphedema.

By physician referral

Nutrition is important before, during and after cancer treatment. However, many cancer treatments cause a lack of appetite and taste changes. Registered dietitians are available to help and support patients and their families. Weight management services are also available.

Pain Management
By physician referral

Pain can impact a patients’ mood, work and sleep. Controlling the pain can improve a patient’s quality of life and make treatment easier to bear. A dedicated cancer pain specialist is available to discuss your options.

Palliative Medicine
By physician referral

Palliative Medicine service is available to assist with challenging symptoms and to help give you the best quality of life possible. The service can help with common symptoms including pain, nausea and shortness of breath. The service is able to see you in the hospital, through the supportive oncology clinic or in your home.

Occupational Therapy
By physician referral

Cancer and its treatment can have lasting effects on physical function and thought processes.

Physical therapy can help with:

  • Techniques to improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and coordination

Occupational therapy can help with:

  • Self-care activities; brushing teeth, getting dressed
  • Getting equipment such as a wheelchair or bathroom equipment

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Offered at Nebraska Medicine Peggy Cowdery Center and Village Point Cancer Center. For more information call 402-559-4389


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