Ted Brain Tumor Patient

A seizure was the first indication 27-year-old Ted had that something was wrong. His neurologist Dr. Scott Diesing referred him to Dr. Michele Aizenberg at The Nebraska Medical Center.

Ted lives in Omaha, Nebraska.


Ted says, "After suffering a seizure in November, I had an MRI and went to see my neurologist, Dr. Scott Diesing, for more tests. About a week later, he called me and said to come in and see him. The tests showed that I had a spot on my brain that appeared to be a tumor. I was scared. I didn’t think this could happen to someone my age. We did a lot of research on where I should go to be treated. I could have gone anywhere, but we decided that The Nebraska Medical Center was the right place. Their neurosurgical oncologist, Dr. Michele Aizenberg, is one of the best around. I underwent 'awake' brain surgery. She mapped areas of my brain so she could remove the abnormal cells without damaging the important functional areas of my brain. I was in the hospital for several days and then recovered at home. On December 23rd, I went back to see Dr. Aizenberg. She had good news for me. The cells were not cancerous. That was the best Christmas present I could ask for."