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For Child Life Students

Child Life Internship at The Nebraska Medical Center

Nebraska Medicine offers spring, summer and fall internships. The program provides students opportunities for the following experiences: planning and implementing recreational, therapeutic and educational activities for patients in the playroom and at bedside; preparing patients for medical procedures, and providing support during procedures; attending multidisciplinary meetings, supervising volunteers and learning to identify the role of various multidisciplinary team members. Students will also have the opportunity to accompany child life staff on adult consults, to assist children of adult patients.

Because our care at Nebraska Medicine is so specialized, our patient population is largely comprised of solid organ transplant (including liver, small bowel, pancreas & kidney), bone marrow transplant, hematology/oncology, cystic fibrosis, burn, and trauma patients. In addition to our inpatient child life coverage, students will also do a rotation with our outpatient hematology/oncology child life specialist.

During the internship, students will do rotations with each of five certified child life specialists learning about different psychosocial needs of the different age groups, complete a series of modules on a variety of topics such as: preparation, distraction, bereavement, cultural diversity, solid organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, and early preschool education, as well as being exposed to referrals from adult units for interventions with children of adult patients. Upon completion of the internship, students will have completed 560 hours, working 40 hours over a period of 14 weeks.

Internship Application Requirements:

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be accepting applications for the Summer 2017 session.

  • Please download the child life internship application below.
  • ALL applicants must have completed a 100-hour (minimum) child life practicum, under the supervision of a certified child life specialist. The practicum MUST BE COMPLETED at the time of the interviews.
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted with your application, however, if granted an interview, an official transcript will need to be furnished.
  • All candidates must have COMPLETED the required minimum of one child life class taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist prior to interview.
  • Three letters of recommendation - one must be from a Certified Child Life Specialist who supervised you during your practicum.
    • All applications must include a copy of your Child Life Council Eligibility Assessment
  • We DO accept unaffiliated (independent) students, which means you do NOT have to be enrolled in a university as a student during your internship.
  • We do all interviews via phone. You will not be asked to travel for an interview.
  • We do not offer financial assistance with housing during your internship.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring - September 5th
  • Summer - January 5th
  • Fall - March 15th

For more information regarding our internship program, please call (402)559-6775 or email,

Does the Nebraska Medical Center offer a Child Life practicum?

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be accepting applications for the Summer 2017 session.

Yes. We offer practicum experiences to help prepare students for child life internships. The practicum is designed to help students.

  • Become comfortable in a hospital environment
  • Become familiar with typical diagnosis/treatments encountered in this setting
  • Observe a wide range of Child Life Services and interventions provided to patients and their families
  • Engage hospitalized children in play
  • Become an educated observer of hospitalized children’s play
  • Gain a greater understanding of the Child Life profession

Application Deadlines

  • Spring - September 5th
  • Summer - January 5th
  • Fall - March 5th

For more information regarding our practicum program, please call (402)559-6775 or email,


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