Considering a Cosmetic Procedure? Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Published May 18, 2017

Perry Johnson, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Scheduling a consultation for a cosmetic procedure at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery just got easier. The clinic recently began offering free, virtual consultations for new patients considering a cosmetic procedure to the body, face or breasts.

“This makes it much easier for patients who live outside of Omaha to connect with us for their initial consultation or even for people who are considering a cosmetic procedure, but are reluctant to come in for a consultation,” says Perry Johnson, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon. “This requires less of a commitment, but allows us to provide our initial recommendations as well as some education about the procedure they are considering.”

Ready to Schedule a Virtual Consultation?
To schedule an initial evaluation for a cosmetic procedure, please call 402.596.4000.

To qualify for a virtual consultation, you must schedule a new clinic service consultation, reside in Nebraska, have a working internet connection, be a One Chart | Patient user (Nebraska Medicine’s electronic health record system) and have access to equipment such as a smartphone, tablet or webcam.

Once you are scheduled, you will be sent a link through One Chart | Patient messages to install VidyoWeb, which will allow you to connect to your physician the day of the consultation. You can also download the One Chart | Patient app to connect easily via smart phone or tablet, or you can use a webcam on a desktop computer. You may also be asked to send in additional information that will help during the consultation such as prior medical history and pictures of the area being considered for cosmetic surgery.

“If the person decides to proceed with the procedure, any operative plan will be contingent on an in-person physical exam,” says Dr. Johnson. “That can take place weeks before, the day before or the day of the surgery.”

“We are trying to be more accessible to people throughout Nebraska,” says Dr. Johnson. “Eventually, we would like to expand it to follow-up appointments as well.”

The plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery have advanced training and many years of experience providing surgical and non-surgical treatments including body contouring, liposuction, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.