What are the strengths of the in-house on-call program?

Resident Testimonials

1. “The on-call program is a unique and incredibly beneficial experience for the PGY1 program. The program fosters a lot of independence early on in the residency year and has had a significant impact on my progression as a resident.”

Amanda Vanderwerf (2020-2021)

2. “The integration of the in-house, on-call program into the curriculum has allowed me to experience medical emergencies firsthand in a challenging and supportive environment. The knowledge that I gained participating in the program has allowed me to continue my development as clinical pharmacist.”

Brett Young (2019-2020)

3. "The on-call program really helped me to think critically on my feet about clinical situations and I became very comfortable with ACLS algorithms. The preceptors are phenomenal and always willing to debrief more complicated emergency situations, which added greatly to my learning."

Hannah Belleau (2019-2020)

4. "The biggest strength of this program is the amount of knowledge that residents gain throughout the year. This was easily one of the most challenging aspects of this year, however I feel it was also one of the most rewarding. I am grateful to have been involved in this program and know the skills I gained will continue to help me throughout my career.”

Kennedy Bateman (2018-2019)

5. “The on-call program is another one of the big selling points of the program. It’s so rare to have in-house overnight on-call available and having the chance to respond to so many medical emergencies has made me a stronger pharmacist. Having to give recommendations in a tense situation has made me better at speaking clearly and concisely.”

Katie Serbin (2018-2019)

6. “The on-call program is the aspect of the residency program that has made me grow the most. It allowed me to develop independence and confidence as a clinical pharmacist, and taught me how to think quickly in an emergency setting.”

Grashma Vadakkel (2018-2019)

7. “I genuinely appreciated the opportunity to learn about responding to medical emergencies. I got to see a great variety of things while responding to rapid responses, codes, and traumas. I feel it is important to have learned these skills as you never know what could happen as a healthcare professional.”

Sarah Bailey (2017-2018)

8. “Strengths include the interesting patient case exposure and the feedback received from preceptors following each report. This constantly provided me a forum to learn and gain the knowledge needed to improve my skills.”

Sara Manning (2017-2018)

9. “The on-call experience arguably provided me the most growth of any component of the residency program. It has helped shape me into an autonomous responder to medical emergencies, which has prepared me well my PGY2 year. I am confident I would not be in as good of shape had I done a PGY1 elsewhere.”

Nate Martin (2017-2018)

10. “I developed some of my greatest independence through the on-call program. Much of this came from needing confidence and having to make critical decisions. It also helped to read other residents reports and learn from one another through the resident on-call presentations.”

Holly Reed (2017-2018)