Hospital-based Outpatient Department

Several Nebraska Medicine physician clinics are designated hospital-based outpatient clinics. Hospital-based outpatient clinics with this designation operate under federal guidelines and are a nationally recognized model of practice when the hospital owns the practice and employs the staff involved in patient care. Hospital-based clinics are held to high standards of care and are required to meet The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation standards for hospitals which are greater than those of non-hospital based outpatient clinics.

Visits in a hospital-based outpatient clinic result in two charges. One charge for hospital services and one charge for physician services. Based on your insurance benefits, this model may result in higher out of pocket expenses. Below are two documents - one an English version and the other one a Spanish version - to answer frequently asked questions related to hospital-based clinics. If you have additional questions or require additional assistance, please contact Customer Service at (402) 559-3140 or (888) 662-8662.