Nebraska Medical Center - Directions and Parking

Emergency Department

To access the Emergency Department, turn south onto 44th Street from Farnam Street. You will see the main entrance on your left-hand side. Parking is available in a lower-level garage south of the main entrance. Security clearance is required to enter the Emergency Department.

Clarkson Doctors Building North and Clarkson Doctors Building South

The Clarkson Doctors Building North is located at 4242 Farnam St., on the north side of Farnam Street. The Clarkson Doctors Building South is located at 4239 Farnam St., on the south side of Farnam Street. There is a parking structure located on the north side of Clarkson Doctors Building North, which you can enter off of Douglas Street.

There is also a parking lot east of Clarkson Doctors Building South.

Clarkson Tower

The main entrance to Clarkson Tower is located at 42nd Street and Dewey Avenue. Special parking is available for those patients receiving treatment in Radiation/Oncology.

Hixson-Lied Center

Patients with appointments at Hixson-Lied Center should use the Clarkson Tower main entrance at 42nd Street and Dewey Avenue. Upon entering Clarkson Tower, turn left at St. Luke's Chapel and follow the carpeted hallway to CT/MRI, NICU (level four) or to join the concourse to University Tower.

Durham Outpatient Center and University Tower

University Tower is located near the main entrance to the hospital at 45th and Emile streets. To enter the main lobby of University Tower and the Durham Outpatient Center, take the parking structure elevators to level one.

Visitors also are welcome to use the valet parking available at the main entrances of the Durham Outpatient Center/University Tower, Clarkson Tower and The Lied Transplant Center.

You can call Security for an escort to your car at 402.559.5111.

Lauritzen Outpatient Center

The Laurtizen Outpatient Center is located on 40th and Leavenworth streets. The Fritch Surgery Center is located inside the Lauritzen Outpatient Center, along with several outpatient clinics. Convenient parking is located in front of the building.

Lied Transplant Center

The Lied Transplant Center is located on Emile Street, west of 42nd Street. Valet parking is available at the main entrance to the Lied Transplant Center on Emile Street.

Specialty Services Pavilion

The Specialty Services Pavilion is located next to the Durham Outpatient Center, near 44th and Emile streets. The main entrance faces west off of the circle drive of the Durham Outpatient Center. Patients with appointments at the Specialty Services Pavilion should use complimentary valet parking or park in the green parking structure. From the parking structure, enter the Durham Outpatient Center on level one. Exit the Durham Outpatient Center through the main doors and follow the sidewalk to the Specialty Services Pavilion.

Truhlsen Eye Institute

Stanley H. Truhlsen Eye Institute is located at 39th and Leavenworth streets. Ample parking for patients and visitors is located in front of the building.

Handicap Accessibility

Handicapped visitors are provided parking and barrier-free access to all areas in the hospital. Restrooms designed to accommodate physically handicapped persons are located at various locations.

After Hours Points of Entry

For the safety of our patients and guests we limit access to the hospital from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. A security officer will be stationed at the entrance of both Clarkson and University towers. You will be required to check in and the officer will provide you with a visitor pass and direct you to your destination.

Access Clarkson Tower through the main doors near 42nd Street and Dewey Avenue.

Access University Tower through the green parking structure, take elevators to level one, into the atrium of the Durham Outpatient Center.