Antimicrobial Desensitization

Protocols for antibiotic desensitization have been developed by the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program and Allergy and Immunology Division, and are approved for use at Nebraska Medicine by the Antimicrobial Subcommittee, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, and Medical Executive Committee. These protocols were initially created for use in the cystic fibrosis population, where antibiotic options are often limited by both medication allergies and resistance patterns. They can also be utilized to in other patient populations with a history of severe drug allergy who need a specific medication. It should be noted that antibiotic desensitization protocols do not eliminate the risk of anaphylaxis. Thus, antibiotic desensitization should only be considered when other alternatives have been exhausted. Antibiotic desensitization protocols should only be performed in a monitored setting in which resuscitative efforts could be immediately employed as needed. Inpatient antibiotic desensitization is can be ordered in One Chart using the order set entitled “General IV Desensitization.”