Philipp N Streubel, MD

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Philipp  N Streubel, MD


Orthopaedics at Oakview
2727 S 144th St. Suite 140
Omaha, NE 68144

Can perform surgeries at: Nebraska Medical Center.


  • Medical School
    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 2002
  • Residency
    Orthopaedic Surgery Universidad Del Rosario 2008
  • Fellowship
    Orthopaedic Surgery Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2011
  • Fellowship
    Vanderbilt University 2011
  • Fellowship
    Mayo Clinic 2012
  • Fellowship
    Orthopaedic Surgery Rush University Medical Center 2014


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Dr. Streubel specializes in comprehensive care of the upper extremity. His clinical interest focuses on degenerative conditions and traumatic and overuse injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. His research interests include shoulder arthroplasty and the treatment of elbow stiffness and instability, as well as management of thumb arthritis, wrist fractures and trauma of the proximal and distal humerus.

Dr. Streubel specializes in these conditions: arthritis, arthroscopic surgery, deformity, joint replacement, sports medicine, trauma/fractures, tumor/oncology, wrist, elbow, hand, shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tear, tendon injuries, and joint stiffness.