Eye Animations


A Visual Tool to Help Educate You on Your Specific Condition or Treatment

At Nebraska Medicine, we are here to help you through serious medicine and extraordinary care. In order to help you better understand your medical conditions and treatment options, Nebraska Medicine has pulled together quite a number of eye care animation videos. Please view the listed videos of interest to you at your leisure, and share links to these videos with anyone you wish.

Every year, the ophthalmology professionals at Nebraska Medicine treat more than 20,000 eye care patients. We specialize in the diagnosis and care of all eye diseases and common eye problems such as dry eye, which annually effects tens of million people. We are committed to your visual health care, anchored by the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute, Nebraska's newest state-of-the-art eye care facility.

If you have further questions, we encourage you to talk with your doctor. If you already have a doctor, feel free to post your questions through One Chart or call us at 800.922.0000 to set up an appointment. 

To see a list of all the animations, visit this link.