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Center for Wound Healing

The Center for Wound Healing at Nebraska Medicine is a multidisciplinary clinic in Omaha which is designed to provide specialized care to patients with chronic wounds that have failed previous treatment modalities. In addition to treating chronic wounds, the Center for Wound Healing offers services to patients with ostomies including pre-surgical marking, education, post-surgical follow-up care and counseling.

Working in collaboration with a patient’s primary care physician, our staff will identify and minimize factors which impede wound healing, provide wound care and patient education. Patients may be referred to the Center for Wound Healing by their primary care physician. Co-morbidities including pain management remain under the care of the primary physician, who we consider an important part of our team, to maximize treatment for any diseases or conditions which may interfere with healing.

Location and Contact Information

The Center for Wound Healing at Nebraska Medicine
Clarkson Doctors Building South Suite 300
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For more information about holding clinic at the Center for Wound Healing, please call the clinic at 402-552-3932.


Patient Resources

Patients are encouraged to speak to their primary care physician about other services available at Nebraska Medicine.


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Call: 800.922.0000