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Extraordinary Care Team

The following is a list of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit's full-time attending physicians:

Neonatology Staff

Ann Anderson-Berry M.D.
Assistant Professor Newborn Medicine

Garth Fletcher M.D.
Assistant Professor Newborn Medicine

Harold Kaftan M.D.
Assistant Professor Newborn Medicine
Director ECMO Program
Director Neonatal Transport Program

Terence Zach M.D.
Associate Professor Newborn Medicine

  • Case Manager:
    The case manager is a nurse who has advanced education and follows your baby throughout the NICU stay. This nurse assists you in the transition from hospital to home by coordinating home care needs and follow-up appointments.
  • Clerical Associate:
    The clerical associate greets you at the door and answers telephone calls coming into the NICU. They also provide support services such as stocking and filing.
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist(CNS):
    A clinical nurse specialist is a nurse who has advanced education and provides leadership for evaluating standards of practice through research. The CNS is also responsible for patient and nurse education.
  • Director:
    The director is a nurse responsible for assuring that patients in Women's and Infants services receive appropriate service as outlined in the overall plan of care. These services include the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit., The Birth Place and The Baby Place and 4-West.
  • Lactation Consultant:
    The lactation consultant is a nurse with special training to address questions or concerns about breastfeeding.
  • Manager:
    A nurse who oversees the operational functions of the NICU and coordinates 24 hour nursing coverage. The manager ensures a smooth transition of care during your baby's hospital stay.
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
    The neonatal nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has advanced education and training in the development, care , and treatment of babies and their families. The nurse practitioner works in collaboration with the neonatologist. They attend high risk deliveries, perform procedures, and participate in the ongoing management of neonates.
  • Neonatologist:
    A neonatologist is a pediatrician who is board certified and has specialized training in newborn intensive care.
  • Nurse:
    The staff nurse is a registered nurse who cares for your baby, develops a nursing care plan and teaches you to care for your baby.
  • Occupational Therapists:
    The occupational therapists assess the development of gross and fine motor skills and feeding behaviors.
  • Pastoral Care Services:
    Hospital - based religious support staff which provides pastoral care services.
  • Physical Therapists:
    The physical therapist assesses early movement patterns, development of postural control, and mobility as related to later gross motor milestones of head control, rolling, and sitting.
  • Resident:
    A resident is a doctor receiving additional training to be a pediatrician or other specialty. They work under the supervision and guidance of a neonatologist.
  • Respiratory Therapist:
    A respiratory therapist is responsible for the care and management of oxygen, ventilators, and other special monitoring equipment.
  • Social Worker:
    A social worker helps you with the non-medical issues such as lodging, insurance, transportation, financial issues, community resources, emotional support, and counseling.
  • Speech Therapists:
    A speech therapist is a consultant who assess and works with babies on the development of oral motor skills including the coordination of suck, swallow and breathing during feedings. This coordination process is related to later movements necessary for speech production.

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