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Why Choose Nebraska Medicine?

Liver transplant surgeon Dr. Alan Langnas describes why patients from around the country and the world choose Nebraska Medicine for treatment.

Teens in Transplant - Then & Now

"It's a very sad story with a very happy ending." That's how one transplant nurse describes the transformation that takes place with young transplant recipients.


Celebrating Life - Nebraska Medicine

Transplant patients and their families share how their lives have been altered by the gift of life.


Teens in Transplant

Transplant patients and their families share how their lives have been altered by the gift of life.


Sharon's Story

Sharon Raburn was in the process of donating a kidney to her brother when she discovered she needed a kidney herself.

Wife Donates Kidney

On June 25, John and Gay Turner celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. Like most marriages, it's been filled with happy, sad and scary moments.

40th Anniversary Surprise Party

It was 1973. Darlene Miller's four kids thought their mother would die. Her kidneys were failing, and her only chance for survival was a kidney transplant.

Living Kidney Donation

Living donation has been successful because the risk of death or disease to the donor is very low.

New Heart, New Kidney, New Life

One morning in early 2011 would shift Mike Willet's focus from his love for hunting to a fight for life.

40th Anniversary Video

Nebraska Medicine celebrates and reflects on the Kidney Transplant Program.

Heart & Kidney Transplant - Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska Medicine - a groundbreaking surgery with a combination heart-kidney transplant


Islet Cell Transplant

For seven years, Linda Elonich lived with the excruciating pain of pancreatitis attacks.

A Triumph Over Pancreatitis

Charlene Stehlik suffered for more than 20 years with abdominal pain. Other doctors tried, but couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Dr. Vargas

The Pancreas and Biliary Disorders Clinic is composed of physicians from the Departments of Gastroenterology, Surgery and Endocrinology.

Curing Five Years Of Pain

Katie Eastman had suffered excruciating pain for five years. Other doctors and hospitals tried, but couldn't figure out what was wrong.

Pancreas and Biliary Disorders Clinic

This multidisciplinary clinic was developed to provide a full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


Gwen's Gift

In early January, Mandy and Kyle Rohrig found out they were expecting a second child. "I had a very normal pregnancy," explains Mandy. "But..."

Living with Carcinoid Cancer

Kim Woll works as a nurse in Missouri. She's spent most of her life caring for patients. But, in November of 2008, Kim became the patient.

Living Liver Donation

When the time came for Brooke Encinger to get a transplant, it was her brother, Brandon, who stepped up and offered to become her donor.

Dora's Story

Doctors at Nebraska Medicine diagnosed Dora Anthony with a neuroendocrine tumor in her pancreas.

A Thankful Patient

Harry Burton came to Nebraska Medicine just to get evaluated for a liver transplant. He left with a new liver and a new life.

Gilbert's Story

Several doctors across the conuntry said they couldn't do the transplant because of the complexity of his condition.

Pediatric Liver Transplants

Since its inception in 1985, The Liver Failure and Transplant Program has earned international recognition.

Pediatric Liver Transplants - Intro

The Liver Transplant Program provides comprehensive care for adult and pediatric patients with liver disease.

Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancers are some of the most common cancers and are among the most challenging cancers to treat.

Neuroendocrine Tumors

Dr. Luciano Vargas discusses how Nebraska Medicine's carcinoid clinic is unique.

Liver Tumors and Liver Cancers

Nurse Coordinator Christy Sailors explains treatment options for liver tumors & liver cancers.

Neuroendocrine Tumor Clinic

Neuroendocrine tumors are rare and can be difficult to diagnose and getting proper treatment can be even more challenging.

Living Liver Transplants

Nebraska Medicine pioneers living liver donation, offering hope awaiting transplant.

Liver Transplantation

A comprehensive view of Liver Transplantation at Nebraska Medicine

25th Anniversary of the Liver Transplant Program

Nebraska Medicine celebrates and reflects on the Liver Transplant Program

Carcinoid Clinic

New hope for those suffering from Carcinoid tumors at Nebraska Medicine.

Liver Disease

A comprehensive look at treatment options for Liver Disease at Nebraska Medicine


Tyson Smith, Transplant Recipient

Doctors aren't sure exactly why, but for some reason Tyson Smith couldn't fight H1N1 illness when he got sick.

Intestinal Rehabilitation

A comprehensive and caring approach to treating Intestinal Failure.


Crista's Story

Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (IRP) at Nebraska Medicine

Russell's Story

An artery wrapped around his intestine almost killed him until he came to Nebraska Medicine.

Cassie & Braxton

Nebraska Medicine offers treatment for newborn babies born with Gastroschisis.


Patient Stories - Heart Problems

Patients with heart failure share their stories about their choice to receive heart treatment at Nebraska Medicine.

You Can Call :30

Real patients whose lives have been saved by heart specialists at the medical center share their story of selecting Nebraska Medicine for their heart care.

You Can Call :15

Actual heart patient, David, provides testimonial regarding Nebraska Medicine's heart care program.

LVAD as Destination Therapy

Patients with end-stage heart failure used to have only one option for treatment - a transplant.

New hope for end-stage heart failure at Nebraska Medicine

Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD) offer new hope for patients awaiting heart transplantation.

Surviving Heart Failure

As Eulish Moore lay in a hospital bed dying of heart failure, his wife refused to give up. Her online research pointed her to one last hope: the LVAD program at Nebraska Medicine.

Heart & Kidney Transplant - Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska Medicine - a groundbreaking surgery with a combination heart-kidney transplant