Support Groups

Weekly and monthly support groups are available for solid-organ transplant patients and their families. The groups are designed to provide support in coping with the stresses involved in the transplant process.

Solid-Organ Support Group

Meets every Wednesday from 7-8:30 p.m. in conference room three on the second floor of The Lied Transplant Center at 43rd and Emile Streets, Omaha.

This support group, facilitated by Nebraska Medicine social workers, is for anyone who has had a solid-organ transplant. Attendees can share experiences and discuss patient issues in an environment just for solid-organ transplant patients.

New Hearts, Inc.

This group is open to all organ transplant recipients, potential recipients or their families. For more information, talk with a transplant coordinator or contact Shirley Kramer, treasurer of New Hearts, Inc. at 402.339.8946.

Additional Resources

For information on national resources, you can visit the UNMC McGoogan Library Transplantation Resources.

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