Transplant Options

Nebraska Medicine's Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Program offers several types of transplant options and therapies for patients with diabetes:

Pancreas-Only Transplants

Pancreas-only transplants are performed if you are experiencing the beginning stages of diabetic complications or have "brittle" control, have frequent episodes of insulin reactions and have good kidney function to tolerate the anti-rejection medications.

Kidney/Pancreas Transplant (Simultaneous Kidney/Pancreas)

This dual transplant is considered when individuals with Type I or Type II diabetes mellitus have developed kidney failure as a result of diabetes and have completed a transplant evaluation. It also has been determined that the individuals are acceptable candidates for the combined transplant. The patients are placed on the deceased donor list and receive a kidney and pancreas from the same donor. If patients have acceptable kidney donors, we can proceed with the living-donor kidney transplant. When patients recover from this surgery, they are placed on the waiting list for a pancreas (after kidney) transplant.

Auto-Islet Cell Transplants for Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis

Some patients with chronic pancreatitis may need to have their pancreas surgically removed (pancreatectomy). Islet cells are part of the pancreas function that makes insulin and controls blood sugar. Those individuals needing a pancreatectomy may be candidates for an auto-islet cell transplant. During an auto-islet transplant the pancreas is removed, a special laboratory removes the islet cell from the pancreas and a surgeon then puts the islet cells into the liver. Once transplanted, the islet cells begin to make insulin with the goal that the patient will not need daily insulin injections. If the pancreas has too much damage from the pancreatitis, it may not be possible to do the auto islet-cell transplant. Patients seeking an auto-islet cell transplant, will be referred to the Comprehensive Pancreatobiliary Disorders & Autologous Islet Transplant Team. For more information specific to this clinic visit us at or call (402) 559-5008 for additional information.

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