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Powerful Experience Leads to Song Dedication


Two close colleagues, Patrick Osborne and Larry Larson, became much more after Osborne donated one of his kidneys to Larson on July 20, 2011. Larson is a professional photographer who has taken many photographs around the hospital. Now nearly three years later, both are doing well.

After recovering from the procedure, Osborne, a graphic designer for Mutual of Omaha, wrote a song in response to a hand-made thank-you card from Larson's daughter Abbey. Osborne has dabbled in music much of his life. Over the years, he's made friends with two of the musicians from Chip Davis' Manheim Steamroller. Ron Cooley (guitar) and Roxanne Layton (recorder) were able to lend their expertise to the song Osborne wrote. Once it was completed, Osborne dedicated it to Larson's daughter, Abbey. Listen to "Abbey's Song":

Patrick Osborne donated his kidney to his friend, Larry Larson, in 2011. He later composed a song and dedicated it to Larson’s daughter, Abbey. Abbey Larson (far right) is pictured here with her dad, Larry, and her brothers Matthew and Nick. After the transplant, Abbey wrote an essay about Osborne.
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