Treatment Options

We provide comprehensive medical care for adult and pediatric patients with complex liver diseases. Nebraska Medicine offers a wide range of medical and surgical treatment options to patients with liver or bile duct disease, including:

  • A team of fellowship-trained adult and pediatric Hepatologists with expertise in treating all diseases of the liver including Hepatitis B and C
  • A multidisciplinary intestinal rehabilitation program for those patients on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) with liver complications, focusing on decreasing their need for TPN and possibly preventing or delaying the need for liver transplantation
  • State-of-the-art expertise in performing cancer surgeries for those patients with liver, pancreas and bile duct cancers, in conjunction with expert medical teams in hematology and oncology
  • Live-donation liver transplants where part of a donor's liver is removed and implanted in the patient
  • Split-liver transplantation where a part of a deceased donor is "split" between two donors usually a child and an adult
  • Reduced-size liver transplants where a larger liver is surgically reduced to place into a smaller patient
  • Auxiliary transplantation where a piece of a liver is implanted without removing the patient's own liver (done in select cases where the native liver is expected to recover with time).
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