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Michael Sorrell, MD, is co-founder of the adult liver and small bowel transplantation program. He served as Medical Director of the Liver Transplant Program and as Chief, Section of Gastroenterology/Hepatology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center until 2004. Currently, he holds the appointment of Robert L. Grissom Professor of Medicine.

He earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. (UNMC). He completed an internal medicine residency in 1968 and a gastroenterology residency in 1969 at UNMC. He was the driving force in securing the necessary funding to build The Lied Transplant Center. He is board certified in internal medicine.


  • Alpha Omega Alpha
  • Association of Professors of Medicine
  • Academic career development award #AM 70316, National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism and Digestive Disease, January 1972-December 1976
  • 1980 University of Nebraska Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity
  • 1990-91 President, American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
  • 1997 Dean's Award for Outstanding Contributions to the College of Medicine
  • 1999 American Association for the Study of Liver Disease Distinguished Service Award
  • 2002 President, International Liver Transplant Society

Publications, Most Recent:

Recent Book Chapters:

  • Langnas A.N., Donovan J.P., Sorrell M.F., Zetterman R.K., Antonson D.L., Stratta R.J., Fox I.J., Heffron T.G., Markin R.S., Pillen T.J., Shaw B.W.Jr. Liver transplantation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center from (1985) to 1992. Terasaki PI, Cecka JM. (eds), Clinical Transplants 1992, Los Angeles, CA: UCLA Tissue Typing Laboratory: (1993) Chapter 15.
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  • Sorrell MF, Watt KD. Alcohol-induced Liver Disease, Atlas of the Liver, 3rd ed, 2003.

Recent Books

  • Maddrey WC, Sorrell MF (eds). Transplantation of the Liver, 3rd Ed. Appleton and Lange, Norwalk CT (2000).

Professional Organizational Memberships

  • American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
  • International Liver Transplantation Society
  • American College of Physicians
  • American Gastroenterology Association
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