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The Transplant Center

The Lied Transplant Center

The Lied Transplant Center, a partnership between the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine, provides UNMC researchers and multidisciplinary health-care professionals greater opportunities for interaction and collaboration. This unique environment allows our clinicians and researchers to develop innovative practice models in transplantation that are often essential to provide optimal care. The facility was one of the first of its kind when it was built in 1999 and includes:

  • The Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic
  • Ambulatory Care Center
  • Laboratories dedicated to transplant research
  • Patient Resource Center
  • Health Education Center for transplant patients and families
  • Hotel rooms

Patients will visit the Lied Transplant Center for their clinic appointments and may take advantage of the unique Cooperative Care program. Patients outside the Omaha metro area may utilize the hotel services located in the Lied Transplant Center.

Cooperative Care

The Lied Transplant Center offers a unique approach to care called cooperative care, which focuses on the needs of the patients through the use of family and friends who receive training to become care partners. Care partners care for the patient during the patient's hospitalization. The care partner may be responsible for taking vital signs, drawing blood from a line, giving intravenous medications and notifying the nurse when there is a change in the patient's condition. The care partner also assists with daily activities, monitors and assists with self-medication, escorts patients to and from treatment and attends educational sessions with the patient. The cooperative care environment allows patients and care partners to learn the skills they will need when they return home. Care partners and patients stay in a comfortable home-like setting that includes a private bedroom, bathroom, living room, microwave, refrigerators and TVs. They also have access to a variety of amenities, including a Patient Resource Center supplied with books, magazines, videos, video games and computers, an exercise room and private dining room.

Solid Organ Transplant Patient Care Unit

The solid organ transplant unit is located on the fifth floor of Clarkson Tower (5 North). This state-of-the-art hospital floor is designed uniquely for transplant patients. Patients will visit the Solid Organ Transplant Unit during all episodes of their transplant care at Nebraska Medicine.

The floor features:

  • Private rooms with heart monitoring capabilities
  • Flat screen TVs in every room
  • Unique design for the care of immunocompromised patients
  • Ability to care for transplant patients throughout the length of their stay: ICU to rehabilitation
  • Decentralized nursing stations
  • Uniquely trained and compassionate nurses specializing in the care of transplant patients

Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic

Conveniently located in the Lied Transplant Center, the Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic (MOTC) is an outpatient-based clinic at Nebraska Medicine - Nebraska Medical Center. Patients seen in this clinic are provided state-of-the-art care by a multidisciplinary transplant team. Patients visit the clinic for evaluation, checkups, and procedures prior to and after their transplant. This unique facility enhances transplant patients' ability to receive care in a central and convenient location. The Clinic features:

  • Exam rooms
  • Consultation/Education rooms
  • Procedure room
  • Waiting area with children's play room

Hospital Facilities

Nebraska Medicine offers a wide range of services and amenities to help make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible, from a variety of dining options to a relaxing healing garden. To learn more about Nebraska Medicine - Nebraska Medical Center campus, please visit http://www.nebraskamed.com/Patients.

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