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Smoking Cessation Program

Thinking about quitting? Research shows that even people who have smoked for decades will see improvements in their health after they quit.

For most people, smoking cessation requires assistance. Programs that address both the psychological and physical addiction to smoking prove to be the most successful at making lasting change. Psychological changes include altering routines and triggers for smoking. The physical addiction is to the nicotine and can require weaning.

Tom Klingeman is a smoking cessation expert at Nebraska Medicine and works with individuals on customized treatment plans because no two smokers are exactly alike. If you need help quitting, call 800-922-0000 and request to be transferred to the smoking cessation program.

Additional smoking cessation resources

Tobacco Free Nebraska
  • Tobacco Free Nebraska
  • Quit Line: 1.800.QUIT.NOW (784-8669)
  • Sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Tips From Former Smokers
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