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Medical Education

Our involvement with the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine is an important part of our contribution to the health of our community. As clinical faculty we help to educate the next generation of radiologists, and we teach medical students about appropriate and effective use of radiologic imaging.

Training New Radiologists

Our fully accredited residency program provides opportunities for subspecialization in a wide variety of radiologic disciplines. We use our extensive experience in each subspecialty to support these new physicians. They have opportunities to acquire the expertise to interpret  studies accurately in all disciplines, and to focus on their chosen subspecialty.

Training New Technologists

The Division of Radiation Science Technology (RSTE) in the School of Allied Health Professions allows students to choose from a variety of career paths. The division offers a Bachelor of Science degree in radiation science technology with multiple credentialing opportunities.

Educating Other Specialties

An essential part of our educational mission is helping medical students and residents pursuing other specialties understand the importance of accurate and expert interpretation of radiologic studies. Relationships with other departments and physicians in the community help provide unsurpassed clinical care through cooperation and consultation. As a result, newly trained physicians become very adept at using radiology resources appropriately. This limits unnecessary imaging and improves patient outcomes.