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Women's Health

The Women's Health Physical Therapy Department is committed to providing women of all ages with the necessary treatment intervention to reduce or eliminate many life-inhibiting or painful conditions, including incontinence, pelvic pain, Lymphedema management, post-breast surgery musculoskeletal complications, and pregnancy or post-partum musculoskeletal complications. Our specialists have advanced training in each of the aforementioned areas and strive to provide each patient with individualized care in a trusting environment.

  • Incontinence: Comprehensive treatment is designed to prevent, reduce, or eliminate episodes of stress or urge incontinence. This type of treatment is appropriate for women of all ages and can often eliminate the need for surgical intervention.
  • Pelvic Pain: Pelvic pain can occur for numerous reasons. The women?s health physical therapists are trained to provide comprehensive care to reduce suffering and improve a patient?s ability to independently manage their pain.
  • Post-Breast Surgery: This program is aimed to improve functional mobility and strength as well as reduce complications that can occur following surgery.
  • Pregnancy/Post-Partum: Having a baby is meant to be an enjoyable experience! Learn safe, effective exercises and education regarding posture, footwear, and appropriate sleeping positions. Treatment is individualized and will help eliminate or reduce back, leg, and sciatic nerve pain, and improve core muscle strength which can aid in faster recovery.
  • Physical Therapists are also trained in the treatment of male pelvic floor dysfunction.

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