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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

An electronic health information exchange (HIE) is an internet-based, health information exchange.

Health care providers and health insurers share and use your information for treatment and payment purposes, and for certain healthcare operations. Participating health care providers and health insurers can see certain health, demographic and payment information (your “health information”) in each other’s records.

They can use this information for treatment and payment purposes, and for certain healthcare operations.

For example, using the HIE:

  • Your participating doctors can quickly find certain health information about you, such as your lab and x-ray results, from other participating providers who have treated you in the past.
  • Your participating doctors, hospital or pharmacy can quickly verify your insurance coverage by checking your enrollment status with participating health insurers.
  • Your participating providers can make required reports to public health agencies regarding immunizations, communicable diseases, etc.
  • Your participating health insurer can electronically obtain health information needed to process your claim from the records of participating providers.

Can I choose not to participate in HIEs?

Yes. We call this a decision to "opt out."

If you opt out, your health information will not be available for sharing through HIEs, with these exceptions.

  1. Your name, address, gender and date of birth will be available through the HIE.
  2. Your opt-out status will also be available.
  3. Your doctors may be able to see your health information in their electronic medical records.

Your decision to opt out of the HIE will not affect your ability to receive health care. Participating in the HIE is not a condition to receiving care.

If you opt out, it may affect what information your provider has available when providing your care. Your decision to opt out of the HIE applies only to sharing your information through the HIE. It does not affect other sharing of health information between your providers or health insurers.

How can I opt out?

You may opt out by informing the registration staff or your health care provider.

Electronic Health Information Exchange Enterprise Memberships

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