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What is Diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is an abnormal condition that affects the colon. It consists of small out-pouchings forming in the weak areas in the walls of the colon. These small pouches are called diverticuli. Many people may have diverticulosis but no symptoms or problems. Diverticulitis develops if these small pouches become inflamed or infected by bacteria that normally live in the colon. Surgeons at Nebraska Medicine use the latest in minimally invasive technology to treat Diverticulosis.

About Diverticulosis

For information about the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of diverticular disease please visit our health library.

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For clinic location and hours use the Find a Physician link. To make an appointment with a minimally invasive surgery specialist for Diverticular disease and Diverticulosis, call 800-922-0000.


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Call: 800.922.0000