Pam Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patient

Pam’s MS was making her life difficult. She was out of work for five months and was unable to do many of the things she enjoyed. Specialized treatment by neurologist Dr. Pamela Santamaria changed all that.

Pam lives in Omaha, Nebraska.


Pam says, "I have Multiple Sclerosis. MS is different with every individual. That makes it difficult to treat and that’s why I’m so grateful to my neurologist at the medical center, Dr. Santamaria. She is responsive to me and my needs, and communicates well with my other physicians. I feel as good as I have ever felt due to the medication she has prescribed for me. She has enabled me to work and to continue with all the activities I enjoy – gardening, hiking in the mountains, and playing my instruments. I do believe that the med center has extraordinary physicians who are very serious about their care. They saved the way I live my life."