Emie Parkinson's Patient

A deep brain stimulator changed Emie’s life. Neurosurgeon Dr. Ken Follett performed the procedure and neurologist Dr. Pamela Santamaria sees Emie regularly to adjust the electrical settings and programming, as needed, to keep her mobile.

Emie lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Emie says, "I have Parkinson’s disease – the rigidity kind. You can be walking along and all of a sudden, just freeze and not be able to move. At first, I was on medication, but I couldn’t tolerate it, so my doctor recommended that I have a deep brain stimulation procedure done. I’d be homebound without it. It keeps me mobile. I’m able to travel – I went to Greece and Germany twice! I bought a new camera and took a photography class. I wouldn’t be without it. I go to the medical center because my doctors are there and I love them. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."