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Beating Pancreatic Cancer - Bob's Story

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Posted 11/3/2014

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Bob Joyce was receiving treatment for an unknown illness at another hospital in Omaha. He was told by his doctor there "We can assure you you don't have pancreatic cancer." After seeking a second opinion at The Nebraska Medical Center, he discovered the shocking truth: he had Stage 2 pancreatic cancer and needed to start treatment right away. With a goal of walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, doctors at the med center performed a surgical technique known as a Whipple Procedure on Bob. Bob reached his goal of walking his daughter down the aisle, and is now cancer-free. He explains the experience he had at the med center and why he chose to stay in Omaha for treatment, comparing his care here to the care he received at another facility this way: "It's like being called up from the Omaha Royals to the New York Yankees," he said. "It's obvious you're in the big leagues now." For more information on treatment at The Nebraska Medical Center, call 1-800-922-0000, or visit