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An LVAD Saved My Life - Eulish's Story

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Posted 3/15/2015

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Doctors at another hospital had given up on Eulish Moore. But fortunately, his wife hadn't. "They were asking if I was an organ donor," recalls Eulish, who had a history of multiple heart attacks. "My wife asked them to transfer me to the med center because she'd heart about the LVAD. I'm glad she did that." "The med center got me back to health and I had the Thoratec Heartmate II implanted," said Eulish. "I had no idea what the LVAD was, I just knew my life was being saved." "From the time I got the LVAD until I got my transplant, I was able to do anything a regular person could do," said Eulish. "It was a device that really saved my life. It was if I was given a totally new life." "The service I received at the med center was some of the best I've ever had," said Eulish. "It continues to be very good service. I couldn't highly recommend any other place. That's why I'm so glad I found the med center, the Thoratec Heartmate II and that's why I'm so glad I'm still here." To learn more, call 1-800-922-0000, or visit