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An LVAD Saved My Life - John's Story

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Posted 10/13/2014

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John Rod had suffered multiple heart attacks and had heart problems for more than a decade. When he finally was told he would need an LVAD, he didn't know anything about the device. "They told me I could get an LVAD, have a transplant or push up daisies," recalls Rod. "I wasn't ready for that, so I decided the LVAD was my best option." "Prior to the LVAD, I couldn't walk halfway up a flight of stairs without stopping," said Rod. "Now I can carry things up that flight of stairs and don't stop halfway up. The quality of life is so much better now. I wouldn't be here today without it." "The care is just exceptional at the med center," said Rod. "I had nurses that way above and beyond what their job description called for them to do." To learn more, call 1-800-922-0000 or visit