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Living at Home with an Implanted Port

About this Video

Posted 11/4/2014

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The contents of this video are intended to teach you basic principles of safety in the care of your central venous catheter. Your health care provider will determine the specific treatment and approach to care that is best for you. 1 @3:45 benefits of a central line 2 @4:42 complications 3 @5:27 receiving central line care at home or in a clinic 4 @6:05 hand hygiene 5 @6:40 accessing an implanted port 6 @8:03 keeping the central line open and operating 7 @8:30 flushing solution and frequency 8 @9:49 syringe size 9 @10:23 schedule of routine flushing of the central line 10 @11:40 central line dressing change 11 @15:52 troubleshooting problems with the central line 12 @18:12 the patient's role in monitoring the central line at home For specific questions about your care, contact your health care provider.