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Believe In It - Latino Center of the Midlands

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Posted 10/13/2014

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The Latino Center of the Midlands works to promote the self-sufficiency and self-determination of Heartland Latino families and community by providing bilingual, high quality social, educational, economic, public health and advocacy services.

Formerly known as the Chicano Awareness Center, the center organized in 1971 when several members of Omaha's Chicano community were concerned about the education of Chicano youth. Chicano students were experiencing low levels of academic achievement, poor self-concept and little awareness about their heritage as Chicanos. Back then, CAC began as a small community center that offered classes in Mexican art, music, folkloric dance and Spanish and English language instruction for youth and adults. Today, we proudly boast that the Latino Center of the Midlands has evolved into the premier social service agency providing cultural transition, education, social and health services to the growing Latino population in Nebraska.

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