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Sinuplasty - Bellevue Medical Center

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Posted 10/13/2014

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Sinuplasty might be an option for people who live with chronic sinusitis. Bellevue Medical Center ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Sam Medaris explains how he uses balloon sinuplasty to open chronically blocked sinuses. In some cases, the procedure can be done in a doctor's office with minimal sedation. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis include pressure in the face and forehead, pain in the teeth, and nasal drainage through the nose and throat. The balloon sinuplasty is done by inserting a small catheter in the nose, then inflating a small but strong balloon to permanently open blocked sinus cavities. The procedure is not for everyone. Dr. Medaris reminds his patients that people who have sinuplasty typically have exhausted all other types of treatment. To learn more or to make an appointment with Dr. Medaris, call 1-877-763-3001 or visit