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Living with Type 2 Diabetes - Terry's Story

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Posted 3/24/2015

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A routine physical exam at work showed Terry he had type 2 diabetes. He says his positive outlook has kept him healthy for the 15 years since that first diagnosis. Exercise, changes in diet and medicine from his doctor help him manage his diabetes. He's still at work and spends his free time playing with his grandchildren - his favorite kind of exercise. For other people hearing the diabetes diagnosis for the first time, Terry's advice: follow your doctor's order and make an effort to educate yourself about diabetes and nutrition. "Stay positive and keep your focus," he says. "You must keep your focus. And pay attention to what you're doing to yourself." Terry also says his family's support is vital in managing his diabetes. Despite the disease, he has a bright outlook. "I'm a happy guy. Never been so happy in my life." For more information about the diabetes support and treatment options available at The Nebraska Medical Center, visit or call 1-800-922-0000.