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Coping with Aplastic Anemia - Emily's Story

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Posted 4/22/2015

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Emily was in her mid 20s; a healthy, active school teacher. Alarming symptoms sent her to her family doctor who first suspected she might have leukemia. Further testing showed Emily had Aplastic Anemia, a disease that comes with many of the same symptoms as cancer. She was referred to a hematologist at The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Emily's doctor told her she needed a bone marrow transplant to fight the disease. Emily's sister was a match for the transplant. It was a successful treatment and Emily is now healthy and hoping to never have to deal with the disease again. She speaks candidly in this video about what got her through the initial diagnosis, the long treatments, and the recovery. She also talks in depth about coping with side effects of her treatment such as hair loss, weight loss and all the other effects that often come with chemotherapy. For more information about the internationally known bone marrow transplant program at The Nebraska Medical Center cancer center, visit or call 1-800-922-0000