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Nuclear Cardiac Imaging Camera

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Posted 3/23/2015

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Nuclear cardiac imaging gives Nebraska Medical Center doctors new and better ways to see a patient's heart and how it is working. The camera at the UNMC Physicians clinic is the only one of its kind in Omaha. In addition to giving physicians a clearer view of the heart, it's quick for patients and gives off much less radiation -about half- than typical imaging scans. Dr. Kiran Gangahar explains the benefits of the new technology and the type of person who might benefit from such a scan. "I have read nuclear imaging throughout my career," Dr. Gangahar said. "This is light night and day. For years, nuclear imaging had been stuck in a rut. This is the first major leap of technology in nuclear cardiac imaging technology." The new camera also allows for imaging of patients who are obese and may not be eligible for other types of cardiac scans. For more information about nuclear cardiac imaging, call 1-800-922-0000 or visit