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Close Call with Lawnmower - Bellevue Medical Center

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Posted 10/13/2014

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It was almost a tragic mistake. Steve wanted to give his two kids a short ride on his riding lawnmower. When he noticed one patch of grass that he missed when mowing, he asked the kids to get off. When his son's foot mistakenly pushed Steve's foot off the brake, the unthinkable happened. At that exact moment, his young daughter Justine has walked to the front of the mower. It lurched forward and trapped Justine underneath. Fortunately the mower's blade was not engaged. The tractor still ran over her. In a panic, Steve pushed the mower on to its side and grabbed his daughter. With the help of a neighbor, he rushed her to Bellevue Medical Center where doctors quickly checked her out. Steve is happy his story has a happy ending. Justine was fine. Steve wants everyone to know the lesson he learned. NEVER let kids ride on a lawnmower. Ever. Dr. Thomas Cheatle, medical direcor of the emergency department at Bellevue Medical Center has several other tips. Don't let kids run alongside an adult mowing. Projectiles like rocks, sticks and even toys can cause serious, even fatal injuries. Always wear protective shoes when mowing; no sandals or bare feet. Never try to clear a mower's chute with hands or feet while the mower is running. And NEVER let kids on a riding mower. For more information about Bellevue Medical Center, visit or call 402-763-3001.