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Breastfeeding Tips - Bellevue Medical Center

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Posted 10/13/2014

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Breast feeding a new baby is not only the healthiest option for most babies, it's great for mom's health as well.

"It's the easiest workout you'll ever do," said Tess Parriott, lactation consultant at Bellevue Medical Center. "Breast feeding burns about 500 extra calories per day."

There are almost always concerns for women who've never had children before or are breast feeding for the first time.

Tess Parriott helps to answer some common questions in this video. Is there a way to calm a baby who's fussy during feeding? How do I deal with soreness or irritation?

Bellevue Medical Center offers a full service inpatient and outpatient lactation program. Bellevue Medical Center is also a recipient of the IBCLC Care Award.

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