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Carcinoid Treatment - Tammy's Story

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Posted 4/7/2015

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At first, Tammy figured her symptoms were just part of turning 50. A few doctors appointments later, and she found the answer was much more serious. Carcinoid tumors on her liver and colon. It first seemed that the slow-growing tumors would give her only five more years to live.

Then Tammy's son found a video here on YouTube; the story of a woman very much like Tammy who had beaten the same diagnosis with the help of a liver surgeon at The Nebraska Medical Center.

Performing a surgery called "Staged Hepatic Resection," Dr. Jean Botha relies on the liver's ability to regenerate; to grow back. He first removed the primary tumor, and then part of Tammy's diseased liver. That part of the liver soon grows back without tumors. Several months later, the same liver resection was done on the other side. It too grew back tumor-free.

Tammy is now healthy and looking forward to many happy years with her family.

For more information about the Carcinoid Clinic at The Nebraska Medical Center, visit or call 1-800-922-0000.