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Your Body

  • Contraception: Many Options
    For a woman who wants to plan when she becomes pregnant, there are many choices.
  • Coping with Miscarriage
    A pregnancy ended by miscarriage can be a traumatic loss. Unfortunately, it’s one that many women experience. Knowing how to deal with your feelings and find support can help you cope during this difficult time.
  • Debunking 10 Aging Myths
    Many older Americans lead healthy, interesting, and productive lives well into their later years. But that’s not what we usually hear about.
  • Discovering Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy
    Diabetic autonomic neuropathy usually occurs after a person has had diabetes for at least 20 years or has had poor control of blood sugar.
  • Don't Forget to Remember
    Your memory is built in three basic steps. Before you can remember something, you have to learn it.
  • Don't Take Your Eyes for Granted
    The number of people losing their vision is growing, yet experts say much of this vision loss could be prevented.
  • Dress for Success--and Your Health
    For women, ill-fitting, irritating, or otherwise inappropriate clothing and accessories could contribute to health issues ranging from back pain to crooked toes to eye infections.
  • Dry Mouth: It's a Warning Sign
    A dry mouth may not sound like a health threat. But that parched feeling can cause tooth decay and gum trouble, as well as discomfort when eating or speaking.
  • Essential Foot Care
    Years of wear and tear can be hard on your feet, as can shoes that don’t fit properly. Injuries and disorders of the feet can affect your mobility.
  • Exercise and Target Heart Rate
    The key to cardiovascular fitness is getting a good but safe aerobic workout. Heart rate monitors, which monitor your heart rate while you exercise, can help you do that with ease.
  • Exercise Ideas for Older Adults
    Finding ways to get exercise as you get older is a smart and easy way to stay fit and improve your health.
  • Eye Quiz
    Don't sit too close to the TV. Don't watch TV without a light on in the room. Don't use over-the-counter eyedrops. Are these statements true? Find out by taking the following quiz.
  • Five Myths About Water
  • Five Steps to Better Memory
    Aging can make it harder to remember some things. But by focusing on your potential and continuing to exercise your mind, you may be able to boost your memory power. Here are some strategies.
  • Give Bad Breath the Brush-Off
    Although it's rarely a sign of a major medical problem, bad breath can cause embarrassment, low self-esteem and even social isolation.