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Today's Medicine

  • Depressed Kids Need Help
    Teen depression is a serious illness. The benefits of getting help, including taking medications if needed, far outweigh the potential risks.
  • End-of-Life Concerns for Cancer Patients
    How you choose to live out and prepare for the end of your life, are choices that you are able to make, to make this time as meaningful as possible.
  • Evaluating Complementary Cancer Cures
    Although some complementary and alternative methods have been scientifically proven to promote healing or reduce symptoms, many have not.
  • Exercise and Target Heart Rate
    The key to cardiovascular fitness is getting a good but safe aerobic workout. Heart rate monitors, which monitor your heart rate while you exercise, can help you do that with ease.
  • For Adults: Take Care with Antidepressants
    These drugs take time to be effective. It may take weeks to know if one is helping you.
  • For More Babies, Birth Comes Too Soon
    One in eight U.S. babies is preterm, says the Institute of Medicine. That's a rise of 30 percent in recent decades.
  • For Obese Teens, Surgery Is the Last Resort
    Extreme obesity plagues more than a million teens and young adults, experts estimate. What's a parent to do?
  • For Parents: Treat at Home or Call the Doctor?
    For parents of a newborn, first-time parents, or any anxious mom or dad, it may be hard to tell a true health threat that needs a doctor's attention from a frightening, yet simple, illness that doesn't require medical treatment. Most sniffles, sneezes, and stomachaches don't need medical attention. But how do you know when it's time to call the doctor?
  • For Seniors: Choosing a New Doctor
    Whatever the reason for needing a new primary care physician, these suggestions can help you find the right doctor.
  • Genetics and Illness: What's Your Fate?
    Although inheriting certain genes might boost your chances of contracting a disease, it's rarely a sure thing. Often, your lifestyle and environment can join with disease-prone genes to make a potential disease a reality.
  • Get the Facts About Elective Surgery
    Elective surgeries are operations done when there's no hurry. But just because these surgeries are optional doesn’t mean they aren't serious.
  • Get the Most From Your Doctor Visits
    To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every doctor visit, using these suggestions.
  • Glossary of Dental Terms
    Dentists use a lot of terms to describe problems and procedures. Here is a look at some of them.
  • Guarding Against Medical Scams
    These tips will help you reduce your risk of being ripped off and putting your health in danger.
  • Health Newcomer: The Patient Advocate
    Patient advocates fulfill many roles, even, in some cases, staying with hospitalized patients around the clock to help guard against medical errors.