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Today's Medicine

  • 8 Ways to Avoid Common Self-Care Mistakes
    Treating common illnesses at home isn't complicated. Even so, doing it safely requires knowledge and a willingness to follow the rules.
  • A Guide to Common Medicinal Herbs
    Here's a look at some of the more common medicinal herbs. Most herbs have not been thoroughly tested for effectiveness or interactions with other herbs, supplements, drugs or foods.
  • A Guide to Eyeglass Lenses
    Eyeglasses can be prescribed for a range of vision problems, from nearsightedness to farsightedness to the diminished vision of advancing age.
  • A Must-Know Guide to Drug-Drug Interactions
    Drug-drug interactions occur when one drug interacts or interferes with another drug. Such interactions are dangerous because they can alter the way one or both of the drugs act in the body. They can also cause unexpected side effects. The following information can help you avoid drug-drug interactions.
  • Act Now to Cut Your Health Care Bills
    It's important to reduce your medical expenses. Even if you have health insurance, you pay a percentage of every health care bill you incur.
  • ADHD Drugs Safe, Experts Say
    Parents of kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) face a tough choice: whether to medicate their children or not.
  • AEDs: High-Tech Help for Heart Attacks
    Technology has given us the automated external defibrillator (AED), which is turning up far from hospitals. Some schools and public buildings already have AEDs.
  • After Rehabilitation: Here Are Some Tools
    Recovering people can use the tools they learn in rehab to begin the intense challenge of avoiding relapse.
  • Air Filters, Dehumidifiers, and Humidifiers
    Here are some helpful tips for understanding the air in your house and the air-quality appliances that can alter it.
  • All About Blood Pressure Medication
    Several kinds of medicine are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. Here are some of the main types.
  • All About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    According to the American Heart Association, there are five main types of cholesterol-lowering medications.
  • All About Generic Medications
    Every year, more than 400 million prescriptions are filled with generic medications in the United States.
  • Allergy Medications and Vaccinations for Older Adults
    As you age, you should check with your health care provider about any allergy medications you take and make sure you are up to date on your shots.
  • Andreas Vesalius, Father of Modern Anatomy
    Vesalius revolutionized the science of anatomy by basing his findings on direct observation of the body itself, rather than on centuries-old received wisdom.
  • Anti-Aging Hormones: Do They Work?
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could look and feel years younger just by taking a supplement? The makers of "anti-aging" hormone supplements would like you to believe that this is possible. But before you accept their claims and open your wallet, see what medical researchers say.