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  • 6 Vital Nutrients Women May Be Missing
    Here are nutrients that women are often deficient in, either because they lose too much of a nutrient, don't get enough of a nutrient, or both.
  • A Food Lover's Guide
    Here's your guide to the best foods to nourish you, as well as those foods best left for that occasional need to indulge in guilty pleasures.
  • A Fowl Choice: Make It Turkey
    In your grocer's case, you'll find whole turkeys and parts — fresh, frozen, and smoked. You'll also see ground turkey, turkey cutlets, turkey hot dogs, turkey sausage, and turkey burgers.
  • A Guide to Cooking With Herbs
    If you're just getting started with herbs, go at it gradually. Experiment with one or two herbs at a time. For freshness, purchase herbs that have been newly dried, and buy in small amounts.
  • A Healthier Hero
    Whether they're called subs, hoagies, heroes or grinders, long sandwiches stuffed with a variety of ingredients are a favorite lunch choice.
  • A Healthier Pasta Carbonara
  • A Healthy Kitchen Makeover
    From the food you stock in the freezer to the silverware you put on the table, your kitchen is your partner in health. When you fill your kitchen with the right tools and foods, you reap the benefits.
  • A Look at Probiotics and Health
    Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms. Although few cause illnesses, probiotics may keep the harmful bacteria in check so that you avoid or shorten a bout of stomach upset.
  • A Look at Senior Nutrition
    Although older adults still need plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber, they need to add or subtract a few things from the diet they followed earlier in life.
  • A Rational Diet for Bodybuilders
    Many of today's generation of musclemen are told by nutritionists and bodybuilding experts that well-balanced meals will offer enough protein for all but the most intense exercisers.
  • A Thanksgiving Menu Tune-Up
    Today’s goal is not to re-create a Norman Rockwell painting, but to produce a festive meal you will be happy to serve on Thanksgiving Day. The biggest change: If you don’t need to present the whole turkey for carving at the table, cook a turkey breast instead.
  • Adding Up the Benefits of Calcium
  • All Fats Are Not Created Equal
    You need to consume some fat to maintain good nutrition, but many Americans eat more fat than they need.
  • Among the Missing: Vitamin D
    Just when you thought you had your summertime outdoors routine down -- plenty of sunscreen, a large hat, limited exposure between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. -- comes the news that Americans aren't getting enough of the "sunshine vitamin" -- vitamin D.
  • Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables Daily?
    What if you could do one simple thing to significantly improve your health? Eating at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables can do just that by reducing your risk for cancer, heart disease and stroke.