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  • How Do You Fuel Your Workout?
    Energy bars, fitness drinks, protein powders, sports supplements -- are these the best ways to power your workout?
  • How Intense Is Your Workout?
    Can you keep on talking while working out? Then you're exercising at a moderate intensity.
  • How Much Exercise Is Enough?
    A private advisory group's call for 60 minutes of physical activity each day are in line with the 2005 USDA Guidelines for exercise of 30 to 60 minutes. The new advice was meant to get people moving, but some experts are worried about recommending 60 minutes.
  • How to Avoid Common Running Injuries
    Knowing about common injuries and how to prevent them can keep you on track toward achieving your fitness goals.
  • How to Avoid Sports Injuries
    Sports injury rates could be reduced by 25 percent if all athletes — professionals and amateurs — followed essential safety, conditioning, and preventive strategies.
  • How to Be a Happy Camper -- or Hiker
    Whether you're a first-time hiker out for an easy walk in the woods or an expert camping in the wilderness, think about safety before you head outdoors.
  • How to Control Your Temper
    At least some anger is necessary for survival. Frequent or intense episodes of anger, however, aren’t good for you or the people around you. If you find yourself boiling mad more often than not, try some of these tips to keep your temper in check.
  • Interval Training Can Spice Up a Workout
    Interval training alternates short bursts of intense activity with periods of "active recovery," which means more moderate forms of that same activity.
  • Is It Too Hot To Trot?
    If you're not careful, you could wind up with a case of heat exhaustion just as easily as the couch potato next door, no matter how fit you might be.
  • It’s Snow Fun: Skiing and Snowboarding
    Snow sports can give you an excellent workout. They are cardio, so they work your heart and lungs, but they also strengthen your bones.
  • Jog or Walk? Both Boost Your Health
    Walking is easier on your joints, but jogging burns calories more quickly.
  • Jumping Rope: A Kid Favorite with Grownup Benefits
    A jump rope is simple and rugged. You can work out with it at the gym or in your living room. And it can fit into your purse or even your pocket.
  • Keep Clear of Golf's Hazards
    While many view golf as a leisure activity, more golfers are becoming fitness-minded. The sport demands superior flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Keep Moving to Manage Your Weight
    You can lose weight by dieting, exercising, or a combination of both. Including exercise into your daily routine offers other benefits besides weight control.
  • Kids Need Safety Gear for In-line Skating
    Having your child wear the appropriate safety gear and use common sense when skating can help reduce the risk for injury.